Frequently Asked Questions



Where is the HCU Office?
HCU is located at 115 Chain Lake Drive in Bayer’s Lake across from Freedom Cycle.
How can I contact HCU?
You can contact us by email or by phone.  The easiest and preferred way to reach us is by email. Club contact information can be found under Our Club / Contact Us
I am not receiving updates and communications from the Club?
The Club communicates largely through email.  When you create your household account, you will opt-in to receive electronic communications from the Club.  If you are not receiving them, or if you have unsubscribed, please contact our club registrar at
When does the Summer Season start?

  • For Skills Centre and Performance players, the summer season begins with in April.  Team training begins late April/early May once team lists are finalized. 
  • For Youth Grassroots players, the summer season begins in early May.
  • For Mini Grassroots players, the Summer Season begins with HCU Start-up Day at the end of May, where players meet their teammates and receive their jersey kits.

When does the Winter Season start?
The Winter Season begins for all programs in early October.

Do I have to purchase jersey, shorts and socks for my player?
Our youngest U4 - U10 Mini Grassroots players receive a jersey, shorts and socks that are theirs to keep.  All remaining players must purchase the required kit for their age level.  The required kit varies depending on the age and level of the team.  The purchase is paid for at the time of registration. 


How do I register a player?
You can register a player online or in person at the HCU office.  The online process is the preferred method, and electronic payment options are available.  Office hours vary, please consult the Our Club / Contact Us section of our website.
Do I need to provide proof of age for my child when registering?
All players are required to have proof of age on file to verify age.  This is uploaded electronically the first time you register. We accept a photocopy of the player's birth certificate or MSI Health Card. 
I am a new player with HCU.  Can I still register online?
Yes, you can register online.  If this is your first time registering since March 2019, you will need to create a household account.  Once created, each season you will login to your account to register for your program.
What forms of payment are accepted?
The Club accepts Visa & Mastercard via the online registration process.  In the office, the club can accept cheques and cash payments only.  NOTE - We no longer accept debit payments.
What is the Club’s Refund Policy?
The Club issues refunds according to our Refund Policy stated under the REGISTRATION tab
When does registration open?
Registration for Summer Season opens mid-March.
Registration for Winter Season opens early September.
I have outstanding fees from previous seasons.  Can I still register my child?
Any player with outstanding fees will not be able to register for an upcoming season until your balance is paid in full.  You will still be able to access the registration portal, but the outstanding balance will be added to your payment at time of registration.
How do I know what level to register my child in?
Your child’s birth year will guide you to the level of soccer for your child.  Please refer to Soccer Nova Scotia's Birth Year & Season Matrix to confirm your childs level.
Does it matter when I register?  Can I register at any time?
There are registration deadlines each season so the Club can meet league deadlines. Each seasons registration deadline is posted on the registration information page.

Can I register after the registration deadline?
Players whos register after the registration deadline are not guaranteed placement on a team.  If you are registering late, you should email to confirm there is room for your child's placement.
I cannot afford to put my child in soccer.  What are my options?
If you are unable to register your child due to financial constraints, please apply for funding through KidSport or Jumpstart.  Links to both programs can be found on our website under Registration / Financial Assistance. 


What does Mini mean?
Mini refers to players participating in U4 to U10 Grassroots soccer programming.
What does Grassroots Soccer mean?
Grassroots is the recreational level of soccer.  Players wishing to participate in a more competitive program would seek to participate on the Skills Centre team (U8 to U13), or on a Performance Team (U13 - U17)

What does Community Soccer mean?
Community soccer refers to the recreational level of soccer for players age U12 and older.  This would be players in U12C, U13B, U15A/B, U18A/B
What age group should my child be playing in?
Please refer to the Birth Year & Season Matrix as set forth by Soccer Nova Scotia. 
My child wants to play on the same team as his friend.  Will HCU accommodate that?
Friend requests can be made for the Mini Grassroots program ONLY.  Requests are submitted when filling out the online registration form.  In order for your request to be considered, registration MUST be received 48 hours before Mini May Day. (Start-up weekend - third or fourth weekend in May)
Which community areas do the mini programs run out of?
The mini grassroots programs are offered at the following four locations:

  • Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Elementary
  • Kingswood Elementary
  • Prospect Road Elementary
  • Tantallon Elementary.

Does it matter which location I choose for the mini programs?
You can select any of the four area schools in our HCU community, but it is recommended that you select the school or area closest to your child’s school.  This will ensure they are placed on teams with friends from their school.
What equipment does my child need to wear?
HCU will provide a jersey, shorts & socks for all U4 to U10 Mini Grassroots players.  You will need to get your child a pair of shin pads and soccer cleats meant for grass. NOTE: players in the U4 program DO NOT need cleats as their program runs indoors.  Sneakers are the required foot wear; shin pads are optional.
How do I know what team my child is on?
The team lists for the Mini Grassroots teams will be posted online a day before Mini May Day.
What is Mini May Day?
Mini May Day is the start up weekend for the U6, U8 & U10 Grassroots programs.  At this session, players will meet their teammates, and they will receive their jerseys, shorts, socks.
How do I find out the schedule for Mini Start-Up Day? 
The schedule for Mini May Day will be posted on the HCU website under Programs.
Where do I find out my player’s practice schedule?
Final schedules with times will be posted once we have received confirmation of our grass field allocation from the HRM sometime in May.  The anticipated schedule for our Mini Grassroot program is as follows:

  • U4's - Saturday mornings @ BMO Indoor Soccer Centre
  • U6 Boys - Monday evenings @ community fields
  • U6 Girls - Tuesday evenings @ community fields
  • U8 & U10 Boys - Monday and Wednesday evenings @ community fields
  • U8 & U10 Girls - Tuesday and Thursday evenings @ community fields

Where can I find the game schedule?
There are no formal games scheduled for the U4 & U6 program. The U8 and U10 teams play weekly inter-club games.  Girls game night is on Wednesdays, and the boys game night is on Thursdays.  Your game location will move weekly to any of the four area schools.  The schedule will be posted online in June.
Can I volunteer as a coach or manager?
We are always looking for volunteers to help coach games in the U8 and U10 program.  Volunteers should express interest when registering your players. There is a place to register as a volunteer when you register your child.
Where are the fields located?
The U6 to U10 Mini Grassroots program runs out of four area fields.  

The U4 Mini Grassroots program runs out of: 

How do I know if the grass fields are closed?
You can confirm if grass fields are open for play by checking the HRM Field Conditions website.  If there was rain 24 hours prior to your scheduled practice, please check the website as heavy rain can close fields on subsequent days.  HRM website is updated by 3:00pm on weekdays and 6:00am on weekends.
Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns about or the Mini Grassroots program or my child's team?
Please contact the Mini Grassroots Coordinator.  


What are Skills Centre Teams?
Skills Centre Teams are players aged from U8 to U13.  Skills Centre teams have an increased focus on skill and player development as compared to the grassroots program.  This program is for players looking to pursue 
What are Performance Teams?
Performance Teams are the AAA and AA level teams of the U13 to U17 age divisions. Note: There is no AAA team at the U13 age level.
How do I communicate with my team coach and manager?
Team managers will choose their method of communication.  Most managers will use either Team Snap. This apps will allow managers and players to communicate about team schedules and events.
What happens if I can’t make it to a practice or game?
Please use your teams preferred method of communication to notify your team Manager.  Teams using Team Snap will be able to RSVP via the app to notify their manager of any upcoming absences.
How do I know what team my child is on?
Team lists will either be communciated directly by the coach or posted on the website. 
Where do I find out my player’s practice and game schedule?
Your team practice schedule will be posted on the HCU website.  Your game schedule will be found on the NSSL league website.  
What leagues do Skills Centre and Performance teams play in?
Our Skill Centre teams (including U8) and all Performance teams play in the NSSL in both summer and winter seasons.  Our AAA teams compete in a single annual season that runs from January to October

  • Nova Scotia Soccer League (NSSL) - Skills Centre and Performance Teams

Our Senior Men and Women A/B teams are scheduled by the following leagues:

  • Metro Senior Men’s Soccer League (MSMSL) - Senior Men A/B
  • Metro Senior Women's League (MSWSL) - Senior Women A/B


How can I become a coach?
The Club offers opportunities to coach at a variety of levels including volunteer parent coach, volunteer non-parent coach, part-time technical staff, and competitive coaches.  The first step is to complete our Coach Application form. 

What certifications do I need to volunteer?
ALL volunteers must have a valid Criminal Record Check completed and on file with HCU.  A valid record check is less than three years old.  If you have been selected as a coach and do not have a valid CRC, please contact HCU and we will provide you with a link to complete the record check online.  HCU will cover the cost of the record check.
Do I need coaching certifications to be a coach?
Coach specific certifications vary depending on the age and level you wish to coach.  Our technical staff will inform you of any coach certifications you require for the level you wish to coach.
Do I require any certifications to volunteer as a manager?
All managers are required to have a valid Criminal Record Check completed and on file with HCU.  A valid record check is less than three years old.  If you have volunteered as a manager and do not have a valid CRC, please contact HCU and we will provide you with a link to complete the record check online.  HCU will cover the cost of the Criminal Record Check.